Montessori Advantages

As parents, it is our responsibility to provide the very best for our loved ones, and with the fast pace changing world in which we live in, it is extremely beneficial that we begin the educational process of preparing our children with the tools for tomorrow challenges.

Having said this, choosing an institution for your child is a very important decision.

All parents should spend the time to research the education philosophy of the intending institution ensuring that it meets their criteria of child rearing and education. Helping to assist in developing your knowledge of child rearing and education there are Montessori links provided to you for increased understanding.

There are many daycare centers which are excellent and offer programs with similar philosophy to that of Montessori. However, choosing a montessori institution is making the decision to ensure that your child is guaranteed to be in the environment of developing the skills for their academic, social and emotional needs at the highest level. Thus developing the winning spirit or success attitude, which he or she will take into the future in all aspects of their lives, for life.

In choosing an institution for your child it is very important that the institution is physically well organized and with the classroom environment well prepared for the student, with proper lightening, that the walls are nicely painted with soft, refreshing colors creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Questions you should ask yourselves are: Is it inviting to the students? Does it encourage the child to attend school? For the student must always feel happy and secure, comfortable while knowing that he or she is in a learning environment.

The program offered by the institution. While most Montessori schools may appear to be providing education along similar goals, all schools differ. Therefore, finding one with an approach which is closest to the commitment of the basic Montessori principles to which you are most comfortable with is absolutely necessary.

At West island Montessori all the above criteria have been easily met with and have often been surpassed. It has always been our continued commitment to the principles of observation, individual liberty and the preparation of the environment for the children. 

So at this point ,please contact the office and make an appointment with Ingrid Lalchan to discuss your child’s first years in their education lives.

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