In Montessori philosophy the areas of education which are given specific focus are:
Practical Life

Having the classrooms prepared with the above education tools and didactic materials, and with qualified staff responding to the needs of the children, thus providing the ideal climate for the Montessori education.

At WIMS the program allows admittance of children from 18 months to 5year old. Now, whilst ideally the Montessori philosophy discusses the interactions of children from various age groups in the classroom, it is felt that creating a separate group for the 18 months to 2 years old proved more successful .The reason being this group needs to focus on the very basic areas of practical life and sensorial.

During the daily curriculum there is also time permitted for free play. When the weather permits the use the outdoor playground and on days weather does not, then they use the indoor gym room. The indoor gym is also used for special events and activities during the school year.

Other extra activities which are included in the education program and are carried on by trained professionals from outside the school’s regular staff. These activities are
Music … by Rhythm Exchange Les ateliers Desants Le Troubadour
Nutrition and Exercise… by Bravo Kids

Additional activities

These activities whilst they are educational by nature are primarily geared towards entertainment and they are thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.

These activities are 
Magic shows
--- Blair Marshall
Science shows
--- Mad Science
Puppet shows
---Young Actors Work Shop Inc.

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