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West Island Montessori School (WIMS) has been around for over 30 years. It is conveniently located on the corner of Gouin Boulevard and Third Avenue in Roxboro which is just 2 minutes walk from the Roxboro train station

Since 1995 WIMS has been under the new directorship and ownership of Ingrid Lalchan.

With full training in Montessori Education and over 20 years experience behind her, Ingrid quickly recognized the need to truly develop the school’s space into one in which both the children and the staff can have the ideal montessori working environment for optimum benefits .Hence today, WIMS is just short of 8000 square feet of school floor space!

Ingrid totally agrees with as Dr. Montessori stated that children have a natural tendency to learning and that during the various stages of learning there should be corresponding educational environments and appropriately trained teachers who prepare the environment.

Today the staff at WIMS are excellently trained providing the proper link between the children and the learning environment. In a well prepared learning environment, this cultivates the development of individualization, freedom of choice, and increase in concentration, independence, problem solving skills, developing social interaction and competency in basic skills. These are the ingredients in creating tomorrow’s leaders!

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